DIY Health Remedy – All Natural Wellness Shots

DIY doesn’t necessarily mean crafts. You can also do your own healthy recipes and this is a great way to control what you put into your body. This DIY wellness recipes comes from Lexie’s Kitchen and is a great alternative remedy to may over the counter cold and flu medications. It is completely natural and it contains no gluten, dairy or eggs. This DIY  remedies  combine ginger which is a natural pain remedy with cayenne pepper which is said to cure all that ails you. Just one of these DIY remedies will help you to feel better all day long. DIY Health Remedy – All Natural Wellness Shots

Got the Flu?

It was looking like the Great Flu of 2012/13 was going to pass us by. The germaphobe in me had been taking all precautions. After school the boys were marched upstairs for nasal rinses, doses of elderberry syrup were being doled out—as was the ever-constant reminder to “GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR NOSE!!”


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