DIY Health Remedy – All Natural Wellness Shots

Despite all efforts, the flu—or whatever bug it was—hit me and the boys this past week. One at a time we dropped like flies.

This morning my husband woke up with it, and that’s when I remembered one more line of defense I wanted to try in hopes of shortening his bout with it.

“Let’s do shots!” I said.

The Wellness Juice Shot

There is a little juice bar I duck into on occasion for their Wellness Shots. I was hooked the first time I threw one back with Jay, the owner. Into the juicer went celery, green apple, ginger and lemon. And the topper? Three dashes of cayenne pepper—yeah baby!

Thankfully I have a husband who’s game for most anything, natural and alternative remedies included. That and when you’re feeling crummy you’ll try just about anything.

He was game.

Three shots later he’s asleep on the couch. Did the shots help? Who knows. Were they fun to do? As good as clean fun gets.

This morning my husband woke up with the flu. I remembered a line of defense I wanted to try, the Wellness Juice Shot.

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