DIY Teeth Whitening – 4 Proven Homemade Remedies for Whiter Teeth

“You have a beautiful smile” is something that every woman wants to hear. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments and techniques that can give you the whiter and brighter smile that you desire. Unfortunately, professional whitening treatments can be very expensive. Not all women are lucky enough to be able to afford to visit the dentist regularly and have stains removed and their teeth whitened. There are however, a number of home remedies that can give you amazing results and many are less expensive than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

In order to understand how these treatments work, it is important that you understand what can dim your smile. There are certain foods that you should watch out for because they can cause your smile to look stained and dingy. If you are looking for the whitest smile, you have to limit certain foods and drinks or avoid them altogether.

What Causes Stains

Many foods have been linked to teeth stains. While you certainly do not have to avoid these foods completely, especially if some of them are your favorites, you should limit them or at least clean your teeth after having some of your favorite teeth staining treats. Aside from tobacco, which can stain more than your teeth incidentally, here are a few foods and beverages that can cause your smile to be less than celebrity grade as well:

Wine – Red wines are a leading cause of yellowing teeth. Brushing your teeth after drinking wine is essential if you want to keep stains from showing.
Tea – The British are not the only ones who enjoy a good cup of tea from time to time. Unfortunately, tea can really cause yellowing on your teeth.
Coffee – Ok, so you really need that cup of Joe first thing in the morning. This is fine, just remember to brush afterwards or if you are drinking coffee at work, rinse your mouth with clean water after you finish your last cup of the day.
Blueberries – Blueberries are great in those morning muffins but too many of them can cause blue stains on your teeth. Consider a healthier oatmeal muffin or even banana nut the next time you want a sweet treat in the morning.
Acids – Acidic foods like citrus fruits, salsa and others can cause the enamel on your teeth to weaken. This will not only cause stains but could cause structural damage as well. Limit the acid that you allow past your teeth and when you do have something in this category, rinse your teeth well after eating.

Our Best Home Whitening Recipes

Now that you know what you should avoid, you can tackle those stains that you already have. Keep in mind that age is a major factor in the appearance of your teeth. A woman in her 40s is likely to have teeth that are showing more yellow than someone in her 20s who brushes at the same frequency each day. You can however, use these recipes for great homemade whiteners no matter how old you are and get the same beautiful results.

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