7 Relationship Tips You Need To Ignore

Being someone who’s always providing tips to make relationships better, it frazzles me whenever I come across something people firmly believe in and sounds really stupid to hear because it’s archaic. It’s 2015, people need to stop believing everything they hear, especially when it comes from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. [...]

10 Things You Can Never Stop Doing For Yourself

Life is a gift, a beautiful gift, but most people don’t appreciate the importance of life and they forget that it could be taken away from them at any given second. This article is going to be all about “YOU”, on how you need to stop ignoring yourself and spend time on your life because [...]

8 Ways To Reduce Relationship Stress

You can have the happiest relationship, together. All relationships, even the strongest ones, have problems. Two people, no matter the amount of love they hold for each other, will eventually have conflicts because they are both different individuals with different states of mind and are trying to share one life together, conflicts are bound to [...]

6 Signs You’re In A Terrible Relationship

Not all relationships are good or end good, a lot of relationships actually bring out the negativity in people, a lot of relationships do more harm than good. Everything has its good side and its bad side. To focus on just one is plain exaggeration. Therefore, when we talk about the positive effects of something [...]

6 Lessons You Will Learn From Failed Relationships

What did you learn after your last breakup? Life teaches us, every day we learn something new about ourselves and our expectations, we mentally grow a little with each interaction we have with someone, same goes for failed relationships. No matter how brutal or traumatic your break up may seem at the time, but it’s [...]

10 Signs You’re In A Committed Relationship

You’re in the best relationship! What does “true commitment” mean? Does it mean to say “I love you” to one another? Does it become committed when you move in together? Or when you make things official with the family? True commitment means much more than that, it has a more pure meaning than that, it [...]

9 Relationship Truths Every Woman Should Know

We live in a world where society has set an impossible standard for everything. Before we even get into a relationship, we already are scared of a thousand things because we’ve seen something in some movie, we already have our bar set too high because of something someone told us or because of what society [...]

10 Silly Habits That Seriously Damage Your Relationship

I wish I knew these before… Never underestimate the damaging powers of seemingly “small” silly habits that happen from day to day. Things that seem minor or even “funny” at the time may slowly be leaving a mark on your partner without you even knowing about it. Here are ten of the most common silly habits [...]

6 Things That Can Ruin A Perfect Relationship

Stop fighting! Even the strongest relationships can be brought down within seconds if some things keep happening again and again. The strongest of lovers have their limits and they can only support one another to a certain level before the “spark” goes away. Here are six things that can ruin a perfect relationship. 6. Letting negative [...]